between  commercial functions

QUAD Optima's AI Box is the industry's first meetings-free decision support system. It is designed to be an autonomous management system for the commercial department. With its profit robotics functionality, it can track gaps to goals and recommend execution plans to teams at all levels. This is possible with AI specifically designed to optimize profits and revenue margins across the commercial organization. The advanced performance management and scenario analyses modules of AI Box allow execution to reach optimal levels taking crucial market share from your competition. The system also features a gamification-enabled user interface that delivers insights effortlessly. With AI Box, you would not need any other system for planning and execution.  It is the future of performance management

QUAD Optima's AI Box is a decision system for your entire commercial department. It optimizes execution across Sales, RM, Marketing and NP. The integrated data, models and algorithms act to break down the walls of commercial functions and allow for seamless enterprise level optimization. It is the industry's first enterprise-level predictive analytics system focused on commercial profit margin optimization

Tune Profit Drivers like a Pro

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Market and Leg Optimization in one system

QUAD Optima Analytics is introducing AI Box - an advanced analytics platform for the airline commercial department. With AI Box your airline would leapfrog into the AI based Digital world and realize amazing execution immediately, driving 3-5% incremental Revenue Margins. You would not have to wait for your long IT roadmap to execute over years, but have the benefits right away with our Plug N Play solution. Simply power up, test it and fly your way into doubling your profits. It is designed to be that simple and has the power of Cloud based Big Data in a single platform. The AI Box.

QUAD Optima's AI Box is the industry's first system that can forecast and optimize across functions. The power of cross functional analytics comes from the DNA of looking at data in multidimensional microsegments.  Forecast and Optimize by Flight, Channel, POS, Product, Customer Segment and enjoy industry leading 95% accuracy in forecasting

QUAD Optima's AI Box is the industry's first hybrid optimization system for both O&Ds and Leg Segment. It lets you maximize Route, POS, Network Profitability all at once.