It is the airline industry's only system which forecasts Revenues and Profits by Routes, POS, Product, Channel and any other dimension. 

Introducing our Flagship Product - AI Box

QUAD Optima is introducing AI Box. Plug n Play Enterprise Optimization.

AI Box is a full stack advanced analytics platform which is business ready. It has all data, analytics and presentation functions built into it and does not require IT effort to deliver insights. It is Cloud based and is offered as a SaaS platform and solution. The idea of AI Box is for management teams of airline Commercial department to use the insights from the system and execute perfectly. The paradigm shift is from chasing insights to using insights. It brings together Revenue, Network, Sales and Marketing into one single smooth execution machine. Its recommendations can boost your revenue margins by 3-5% and double profits

With Multi-Dimensional demand modeling we solve the problem of unconstrained demand forecasting and dramatically improve accuracy of profitable decisions


Full Stack of Analytics in one Box.

It is a full stack advanced analytics platform which needs no IT effort. All functionality that would be built into modern predictive analytics and BI systems can be found ready to use in AI Box. It has pre-built airline industry business rules that drive the Commercial department. It has pre-built ETL, data transformation, AI / ML and Presentation modules that are derived from industry best practices and proprietary techniques. It is designed to accept industry standard data inputs such as PNR data, Schedule data, competitive pricing data such as from Infare and internal sales and marketing data. The system delivers insights of Revenue and Profit opportunities and can even be wired to execute those decisions.


AI Box is designed to improve your Revenue Effectiveness

Do you know how effective your commercial execution is ? Are you leaving money on the table and can you optimize further. If so where and by how much ? These are the questions all commercial departments struggle with but cannot find answers to. AI Box is the only system in the industry which can measure your Revenue Effectiveness. In fact this is a metric that can be used across the industry. You can compare your own effectiveness of execution over time or with that of your competition. The advanced math models in AI Box can forecast base case and optimal execution. The Gap is the opportunity for execution improvement The system can identify the levers and actions at each level of the organization to achieve optimal execution and increase Revenue Effectiveness. 

Cross Functional Execution Through MultiDimensional Optimization



Are you optimizing your execution on Segments or by Markets ( O&D ). Are you focused on Sales driven load factors or RM driven higher yields ? Is Network Planning aligned with Sales when deploying capacity and serving growth markets ? How about your profit optimization by customer segments or product offerings or distribution channels? Are all of these dimensions in sync when you execute ? We find most Airlines struggle to coordinate across functions and markets. AI Box solves this effortlessly and elegantly with its groundbreaking multidimensional forecasting and optimization. It is the first and only system in the world to solve the high-dimensionality problem when driving optimization with large data sets involving many dimensions. Our exceptional math models drive holistic solutions that align all functions and markets.


Industry's leading Multidimensional Forecasting Accuracy



The Forecasting module of AI Box delivers multidimensional microsegment forecast that is meaningful to the commercial teams. Moreover it allows aggregation along any combination of dimensions. The primary forecast metrics are Revenue, Revenue Margins and Profits. It can also forecast drivers of Revenue -Yield, RPKs, RASK, LoadFactors, Average Fare, Passenger Volumes and other Commercial metrics. O&D and Leg Segment metrics can be derived from the same system, which is one of the distinguishing features of AI Box. The system can deliver weekly and monthly forecasts unto 6 months ahead. The Forecast module delivers industry leading 95% forecast accuracy. This is a game-changer and can be a significant driver of profits. AI box uses cutting edge AI and ML algorithms to continuously improve accuracy.


AI Box Brochure